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To Tehila, music is more than just the mode through which she expresses herself; it is a balm that calmly soothes her soul and the canvas through which she creatively paints her emotions, thoughts and messages. Her yearn to continually invest in perfecting her art and interest in finding her own unique sound, have led her to dive deep into various facets of the craft. Tehila is a seasoned recording and performing artist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer. Her musical portfolio spans a wide spectrum, encompassing genres from Alternative and Pop to New Age and Instrumental. Beneath it all lies her unwavering passion of creating music that resonates with her heart.


Tehila has a strong musical background with both her parents being accomplished singers/songwriters, exposing her to a diverse range of musical influences from an early age. In 2008, the family’s move to Hawaii inspired her to learn how to play the piano, a move that occupied most of her free time while living on the quiet little island of Kauai. Add to that being a member of the family band, HAVAIIA, which gained popularity back in 2015, Tehila has certainly come to embrace her artistry either as a solo act or as part of a collaboration or group performance. 


Tehila is currently recording and producing original music in English and Hebrew in collaboration with different musicians from around the world. She enjoys challenging herself which has been her way since she began performing live at the age of 16. One of her most remarkable achievements was performing in front of 8,000 people at The Lights Festival in California. Joining Taimane ~ a world famous ukulele virtuoso, on a 2023 US tour as her guitarist and backup vocalist. Tehila is looking forward to making many more firsts in the music industry, including becoming a globally recognized, award winning artist. 


As Tehila continues to create and inspire, her latest musical releases are available on all major streaming platforms. You can get early access to her newest songs & exclusive videos by joining her creative journey on Patreon, where the magic unfolds... Your support means the world to her as she endeavors to paint the world with the colors of her music. 


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